Indiana Jones Ark Bible Page

(click on image to enlarge)
         The "Bible Page" replica prop that Indy was showing the FBI agents in the college is pictured above. The page is worth of framing and measures 10.5" wide X 16.5" high (26.7CM wide X 42CM high). The paper is clay-coat, which gives authenticity to the piece, both in look and texture. The entire page has been aged and lightly stressed. Since it was ripped out of the bible, hypothetically speaking, I added a "ripped" texture along the left side of the page. The text below the image was never seen on screen, it has been invented using old bible pages as a guide and stylized each paragraph heading with illuminated text as well as highlighted any important text in red as in real old bibles. The last two paragraphs are a must read as it ties in to the storyline of the movie. The text is "oxidized" as with old writings due to the metals in the ink they used.