Tec' na' al Artifacts

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         After Belloq steals the Golden Idol of fertility from Indy, who barely escaped from the Hovito tribe, he doesn't leave empty handed. Upon his return to Barnett College, Indy hands Marcus Brody these two artifact statues from Tec'na'al. These ancient relics came from the hidden location where he explored before finding the lost temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors and the Golden Idol of fertility.
        The larger of the two artifacts depicts the demon sentinel that frightens some of Indy's scouts away and measures roughly 5.25" x 3.5" (13cm x 9cm). The smaller of the two artifacts is of the Golden Idol itself measuring about 4.25" x 3" (11cm x 8cm). Both replica props are created using a professional grade statue casting plaster giving them the weight and look of real sculpted stones. Both sides are then hand finished in several layers of acrylic “stone” paint and professionally weathered to given them the appearance of ancient relics. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions that you may have before placing your bid. Each statue is carefully packed inside a protective box with bubble wrap then repacked in more bubble wrap and inserted into another box to avoid any breakage.