Marion's Sweet Afton cigarette package

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         The “Sweet Afton” brand of Irish cigarettes was seen on the table in the bar scene with Indy and Marian Ravenwood. Our replica prop has been weathered to match the actual package. Due to legalities the cigarettes pictured in the photos are NOT included and are used for display effect only. It includes the outer weathered sleeve, which has been weathered on the inside as well, the inner folding cigarette housing and real silver foil on paper that keeps the cigarettes fresh. The closed box measures about 3.25” wide X 2.875” high X 0.625” thick (8.3CM wide X 7.3CM high X 1.6CM thick). The internal folding card is also weathered on both faces for added effect. It is a MUST HAVE affordable replica prop to add to any Indy collection.