Rene Belloq "Family Label" Wine Bottle

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          This replica prop of the famous bottle Belloq was drinking with Marion in the tent. For those curious Indy collectors here is the very hard to find “Belloq Bottle”. The front label is written in Arabic not French as many had thought and it translates “Boukha Bokabsa” – in the upper heading and “The Family Label” – in the lower heading . Based on research it was a local drink and not associated with Belloq himself. He merely said, “It’s my family label” as a joke to Marion, meaning he can drink as well.

          If you have my Indiana Jones whiskey bottle, this is a must have to go along with it. The actual glass bottle is an authentic Burgundy Style 750ml bottle and the dimensions are about 3" in diameter X 12" tall with cork. This item will arrive in a custom made box and packed very well with bubble wrap.

NOTE: All decorative items are purely for aesthetic purposes only and includes an empty labeled bottle with a cork as shown int the second and third photos on the top row.