Lao Che’s Poison Vile & Antidote Vile Box

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          This hand made highly detailed hexagonal box contains the small poison glass vial, the larger glass antidote vial and the folded instructions written in Chinese with the English translation below it. The inner lid has red velvet lining and the bottom section has three padded velvet compartments. From left to right is the poison vial compartment, in the middle sits the antidote vial featuring six blue glass jewels around a center clear jewel and to the right of it is the folded instructions sheet slot. On the outer sides of the box there are two safety labels, which are intentionally “split” revealing its deadly contents.

The specifications are:
  • The two piece hexagonal box measures:
              4.375” Wide x 4” Deep x 3” High
              (11.1cm Wide x 10.1cm Deep x 7.6cm High)
  • The small “poison” glass vile with the cork measures:
              0.5625” Diameter x 1.4375” High
              (1.4cm Diameter x 3.7cm High)
  • The large “antidote” blue liquid glass vile measures:
              0.75” Diameter x 2.875” High
              (1.9cm Diameter x 7.3cm High)
  • The beige folded instructions sheet measures:
              4.1875” Wide x 5” High
              (10.6cm Wide x 12.5cm High)