Lao Che’s Gold Coins & Pouch

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     The Lao Che gold coins and pouch replica props are seen in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”. In the beginning of the film, inside Club Obi-Wan, Lao Che attempts to buy Nurhache's remains with a small bag full of 18 gold coins. These replica prop coins are individually cast in museum grade resin, then sprayed in bright gold paint. After the finish cures, each coin is individually buffed by hand so they shine just like the real coins seen in the film. The coins are cast from a real "1798 Portuguese 400 Reis Cruzado silver coin", making them identical in every way to those seen on the screen. Each coin measures about 1.14" in diameter (29mm in diameter) and no two coins are cast the same, making them more authentic in appearance. The beige leather-like textured pouch with grommets and a black pull string, is made of the same size and shape just like the original bag seen in the film.