Henry Jones Passport

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         This original Henry Jones, Sr. 1937 replica US Passport prop is meticulously crafted and assembled by hand for authenticity and is modeled after a real 1937 US Passport. To make sure the quality is apparent (see the comparison photos). The size, weight, and texture of the cover are period accurate as well. If you saw the replica passport prop in person, you’d swear it was real enough to travel in 1937!
        The outer burgundy cover has a punched slot so you can see the passport ID number on the first page. The lettering on the outer cover is silk-screened in (gold ink) just like the 1937 passport. Henry Jones’ photo is of the correct size and is hand signed in ink. It also features the security stamp in red and blue over the photo. The profile information on the following page has the red seal and raised stamping on it just like the real US Passport. Perhaps the most difficult part to reproduce was the tiny security interwoven writing, which is visible to the naked eye, in the background and reads (United States Passport), which fills the entire page. Also the writing on the pages has actual hand written signatures and text in ink, not printed, for added authenticity. The travel stamps are individually pasted on the pages then are stamped and hand signed in ink. The back cover has more security advisories written on it just like the 1937 passport features. There are a total of 32 pages and more than half of the passport is filled with Henry’s travels in his quest for the Grail Cup. Also included with the passport you will receive 14 FREE paper inserts similar to the Grail Diary and Abner’s Journal. The yellow insert seen sticking out the top of the passport is my homage to the Grail Diary’s L.A.R.Y. Ticket insert.
The 14 FREE inserts include:
  • A typed letter from the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities
  • Pan Am clipper of the seating chart
  • A 1937 Pan Am boarding pass
  • Pan Am travel brochure from 1937
  • Anna Jones funeral card
  • Photo #1 of baby Indiana Jones & Henry Jones, Sr.
  • Photo #2 of teenage Indiana Jones & Henry Jones, Sr.
  • Photo #3 of adult Indiana Jones & Henry Jones, Sr.
  • Western Union telegram
  • A postcard from Egypt
  • A large map of the Holy Land finished front and back
  • Henry Jones, Sr. Birth Certificate
  • Holy Grail sketch with torn edges
  • A yellow travel timetable