Henry Jones genuine leather bound Grail Diary Hero replica prop

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            The handmade Henry Jones genuine leather bound Grail Diary replica prop that has been meticulously recreated by entirely hand. This is NOT a cheap printout. There are 152 hand written pages done with a quill pen and black ink, as the original, with 83 illustrations also drawn by hand. As an added bonus you get ALL 55 INSERTS shown on photos 9, 10, 11 & 12 FOR FREE! You also get the black elastic band that holds the diary together. The outer genuine leather cover has been aged to match the original as well as the internal pages. Each section of the diary is then sewn together to form the "book". I have grouped the photos together to give you the best illustrations that I can. The overall dimensions are about 4.25” wide X 6” tall X 1.875" thick (10.8cm wide X 15cm tall X 4.8cm thick).