Rene Belloq’s Map Room Drawing Replica Prop

(click on image to enlarge)
           This original design replica prop map is drafted on World War II Nazi metric engineering blue lined grid paper. The title block is written in German. All of his notes are written in French. The outline of the map starts with a small illustration to the upper left hand corner. It shows where “Tanis” lies in relation to a partial Egypt. Note the (Egyptian eye of Ra) as he casts his light through the medallion gem, revealing the location of the “Ark of the Covenant”. At least that’s was what Belloq thought.
          Also illustrated on this map are several drawings found on the walls of the Map Room, which includes the Egyptian god Horus; the headpiece of Ra; the Ten Commandments; a structural column; detail of the faces in one of the columns; the entrance to the tomb; the entire floor plan of the “Map Room Model”, showing which "hole" the placement of the staff/headpiece should go and the Ark of the Covenant itself! The bottom right corner of the map is signed by Rene Belloq circa 1936. The whole floor plan is carefully aged using different methods of computerized airbrushes and filters. This magnificent work of art measures (17" wide x 11" high), worthy of framing. The back of it is aged as well to match the front and then folded down to (5.5” wide x 4.25” high)