Belloq French Passport

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         This unique replica prop of Rene E. Belloq’s French Passport with 11 FREE inserts has taken many months of research and creativity to complete. It is based on an authentic 1930’s French Passport. The outer cover has the period accurate French Crest on it as well as the texture of the cover itself. See the photos and compare.
        The inner pages are designed and weathered to give the passport a distressed look due to much use by Belloq. Some numbers and rubber stamps are purposely cut off the page, which are similar to real passports. There are a total of 32 pages, of which 23 of them have stampings on them along with 10 “glued on” duty tax stamps. There is also the security advisory glued on the inside cover. Each page is packed with many of Belloq's travels from around the globe in his quest for the golden idol of fertility as well as the Ark of the Covenant. The passport measures: 4” wide X 6” high X 1/4” thick (10.6cm wide X 15.2cm high X 0.64cm thick).
        The entire passport follows Belloq’s pursuit for the most coveted treasure of the Israelite's: the Ark of the Covenant. Each page is printed double sided with an industrial Laser Jet book printer on heavy bond paper for detail. Since these replica passports are entirely assembled by hand, there are some minor variations to each of them making them completely one of a kind. Once you see the passport yourself, you'll feel like you could have traveled with it as Belloq!
This replica prop includes:
  • Belloq’s Passport
  • One rubber band
  • All the 11 FREE INSERTS as seen in photo – 12, which include:
    • One Henry Jones, Jr. Barnett College white business card
    • Five B&W Photographs
      • Photo #1: The golden idol with writing and dimensions
      • Photo #2: The demon sentinel also with written notes
      • Photo #3: Kneeling in front of the Ark of the Covenant
      • Photo #4: The Ark of the Covenant
      • Photo #5: Carrying the Ark of the Covenant
    • A letter from the, "Peruvian Department of Antiquities"
    • The letter is written in Spanish and has a handwritten English translation below it; making it a very surprising read about the golden idol.
    • One “green” New Jersey Railway Train ticket to Princeton – Where Belloq might have met with Henry Jones, Sr. (This is my homage to the Grail Diary blue L.A.R.Y. Ticket.)
    • One Hovitos newspaper clipping, also a very interesting article
    • A large map of Peru from 1934 written in French measuring 10.5” wide x 15” high (26.7CM wide x 38.1CM high)
    • A preliminary sketch of Belloq’s famous map written in French.