Back to the Future Replica Props

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Back to the Future Map to the DeLorean Time Machine replica prop

This replica prop map is an original design based on the events of the movie. The back of it has  been aged using various computerized techniques to match the front to appear as if the map really were left for 100 years. The heavy torn edges along the perimeter have been burned off with fire for that weathered authentic look. It is professionally printed on a high quality heavy bond premium paper.

Back to the Future 1955 & 1985 Letters & Envelope replica prop

These replica prop letters were carefully designed to be accurate representations of the 1955 (white) and weathered version (aged) in 1985  using various computerized techniques. The back of it has also been aged to match the front. The torn edges have also been tediously finished to match the original letter with glossy transparent tape as shown last photo from the film as reference.  Both letters are professionally printed, on a high quality heavy bond premium paper.